Hello everyone! As many of you know, I already maintain my own blog, One Lovely Day, to record my personal thoughts. I am starting this new site to address a large problem I continually find today: the lack of clear, concise information about financial news. I am constantly reading articles that require me to 'google' five or ten terms, ranging from the recent Goldman Sachs articles about  "collateralized debt obligations" and "credit default swaps" to the housing crisis' term, "subprime mortgage". I find this ridiculous. What would motivate a busy individual to read these articles if he lacked the understanding of these complicated terms in the first place? My purpose by starting this new blog is to simplify financial events in the news so that any individual perusing my blog will understand. Sure, I'll leave the complicated terms, but each one will be followed by a clear explanation in simple language. 

Finance should not be an elitist institution, open only to those who understand the lingo. Finance should be easily comprehendible to everyone, and it is my hope that this site will be a stepping stone to financial literacy for many. I will be learning these terms with you, readers.